5.25 - 5.27

    Frankie Weekend!

  • Teachers 教师


    Daniil Nikulin


    Maria Filippova


    Dmitry Vostrikov


    Daria Chupyrkina


    Daniil & Maria

    LSU 2017

    Daniil & Maria

    RTSF 2017

    Dmitry & Daria

    Et Qu'ca Swing Festival 2017

    Dmitry & Daria

    Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp 2016

  • From Russia With Love

    The skillful spectres from Russia!

    Daniil Nikulin & Maria Filippova

    Daniil and Maria are one of the most famous Russian couple in Lindy Hop world. Professional dancers, performers, teachers and choreographers known for their creativity and unique vision on the dance.

    Both of them have started on their dance journey since 2009, Maria in her home town -Yaroslavl and Daniil in Moscow. Starting with Boogie Woogie, later in 2013 they focused on Lindy Hop, which turned out to be much more fitting for them. Nowadays Daniil and Maria are well known in swing dance society, teaching and performing all around Europe. For their style they have a plenty of inspiration from all different old and modern choreography philosophies.

    The main idea of their dancing is expressing personal feeling and understanding of the music through the dance. Five words to describe their philosophy are: Awareness,knowledge, technique, musicality, humanity.

    Daria Chupyrkina & Dmitry Vostrikov

    Daria is one of the best swing dancers in Russia. She started her dance career at the age of 7. By the time she met Dmitry Vostrikov in 2009, Daria has already managed to win a ton of top-tier competitions in Russia and worldwide, and was literally fall in love with Lindy Hop.

    Dmitry was also deeply into swing music and dances and achieved spectacular results too. Dmitry accounts for multiple wins in competitions, a chain of demanded master classes under his command and firm reputation of a top dancer in Moscow.

    After they partnered up, each one unleashed true potential and set new pinnacles to go onwards and upwards. Today, Dmitry and Daria are one of the best dance couples in the Lindy Hop scene, both in Russia and in Europe, and as successful dance instructors, Daria and Dmitry will gladly share their experience with students and “infect” more and more people with a virus named “Lindy Hop”.

  • DJs


    Hong Kong/UK



    Luc is one of the regular DJs of the Shanghai swing scene, always exploring new music horizons to bring the best of swing music to all these happy feet. He has been the DJ for some of the major swing events in Shanghai.


    Hong Kong

    One of Hong Kong’s regular DJs. Thomas has also played music around the world including Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and France. His style is of high quality and swinging music guaranteed to keep those triple steps a-stepping! As a dancer that is primarily inspired by the music, he knows what will keep people going on the floor and will definitely play some tunes that you’ve never heard before.


    Hong Kong



    After moving to China Misha became a resident DJ in his local scene in 2014. He likes to play classic swing music from 1930's big bands till early 40's as well as small combos and modern swing bands. The music we play should be groovy and make people wanna dance and explore themselves.

    Yulai (Head DJ)


    Yulai believes that classic Swing music is the soul of Swing dancing, while recognizing that variety ignites excitement in dancers. Thus, with his large collection and wide range of music, Yulai is inspired to play music that is playful and rare, and promotes creativity on the dance floor with his music selections. An experienced DJ both nationally and internationally, he has DJed for Midwest Lindyfest, Swingtime Ball, Hong Kong Swing Festival etc as well as various dances around Washington D.C., the Midwest of U.S., and Guangzhou.

  • Workshops 课程

    2 Levels this year: Beginner/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Advanced
    Auditions will be on Saturday before the lessons to determine the level you will be on.


    This year we are introducing a fresh new class material: Mini Private.

    It's like a regular private lesson but with a twist, to let everyone experience what a private lesson is like and at the same time let everyone learn about some of the common questions and problems we all face in our dancing. Each selected couple has 5 minutes in the spotlight with one pair of instructors while everyone else can observe on the side.


    Included in Full Pass, no extra charge. Open to all levels but limited spot of 10 couples per instructor pairs, tickets are giving out on a first come first served basis to who arrive early at the lessons on Sunday (One per couple, so you do need a partner before the mini-private).


    (We encourage everyone who don't get a ticket to still observe the class as it will still be a very worthwhile learning experience. To keep things going quick and smoothly, we do need everyone who's not in the spotlight to keep quiet through out the class and save any questions or discussion to after class.)

  • Schedule 活动安排

  • Activities 活动

    More to be revealed at the event

    Jedi Challenge 绝地挑战

    May 25th Friday Night

    Lead and follow will be paired up randomly and take on the challenge the Jedi way just like how Luke did it on the Millennium Falcon on the way to Alderaan. There will be a prelim beforehand to warm you up for the final test.


    Prelim at 11pm, Final in Spotlight format right after midnight


    May 26th Saturday Night

    No limit on number of people or level per showcase, no restriction on aerials and please keep length around 2~3 minutes and keep it to the swing style or related.


    On Saturday around 10:30pm. Showcase order will be drawn Friday after Jedi Prelim.

    Daria Says

    May 27th Sunday Night

    Free to join on the spot. It's like Simon Says, but this time Daria is here to give the command, just do what she says or else.....

  • Visiting Guangzhou

    Click on the icon below for links

    食住行小贴士Visitor Guide
    食住行小贴士Visitor Guide
    Chill Hea 广州
    Chill Hea 广州(Guangzhou)


  • Theme 主题

    From Russia With Love

    May 25h Friday Night

    That one James Bond movie where Sean Connery was still young and handsome, but this time let's do welcome the skillful dance spectres from Russia. (This theme is open to interpretation, can be about James Bond films, spies, Russian culture, color of the Russian flag etc.)


    May 26th Saturday Night

    It's Frankie's Birthday! and you know what to do


    May 27th Sunday Night

    Did you know Guangzhou is the city of Rice and the city of goat, but also the city of flowers?!

  • Venue 场地

    Lesson and party location 课程舞会场地


    50 Miracle Dance Studio

    211A, Building 2, Art 289 Space, 289 Guangzhou Middle Ave, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou

    (Sometimes Google Map can take you to a wrong address with this address, Please check the map below for reference of actual location)





    PSA: Please keep all food and beverage as well as personal belongings off the studio,

    as well as wet shoes/umbrellas in case of rain.

    The 2nd floor platforms are for staff only.

    Direction 导航


    Line 5 WuyangCun Station, Exit C (700m)


    It seems like Google Map will take you to a wrong location with the address or if you search 50 Miracle Dance Studio, so please follow this map below, search for Art 289 Space, or directly copy and paste this Chinese address into Baidu Map or any other Chinese map apps.


    (There is another stairs on the right hand side, after entering 289 Park, behind the cargo elevator.)


    Warhol House

    (Saturday late night location)

    Address: 广州越秀区竹丝岗二马路9号

    9 Zhu Si Gang Er Ma Lu, DongShanKou, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou


    An underground bar, though the floor is not wood so probably keep you nice dance shoes off the floor.

    PSA: Please be quiet for the neighborhood before entering the underground bar

    Warhol House & TaaTiu Bar

    Password for the outside gate will be reveal at the event

  • Registration 报名

    Thank you for coming to CSF 2018! See you next time!

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